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Cameroon- Covid 19: Digital System To Track Down Fake Vaccination Certificates

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Cameroon has set up a digital application to fight against false vaccination certificates against Covid-19, which are nowadays indispensable for travelling in several countries around the world.

« The VacSanté application allows a person who wishes to have this certification to enrol, to be vaccinated and to have on his phone a digital certificate and if he wishes, also in the form of a physical card that resembles the national identity card,” explains Dr. Shalom Ndoula, permanent secretary of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), in comments reported by the national daily.

The certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 is issued immediately after the act of vaccination. But in the country, some people have managed to obtain this document through parallel networks, without having received an injection beforehand. Cameroonians who receive a dose of vaccine can now keep proof of it on their phone in the form of a QR code to use when travelling. This code can be downloaded online after vaccination from the website vacsante.minsante.cm.

The link to access it is sent by SMS or WhatsApp message by the Ministry of Public Health . For the health authorities, this system of issuing vaccination certificates makes it possible to authenticate and secure travellers’ immunisation against Covid-19. “As it is an international requirement, it brings credibility to what we do and secures the vaccination certificate which, in most countries, is increasingly falsified,” says Dr Shalom Ndoula.

Published on 05.05.2023

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