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Cameroon/COVID-19 fight: Centre regional Governor bans holding of wakes, other burial rites

The Governor of the Centre region, Naseri Paul Bea has banned the holding of wakes and other rituals associated with death ceremonies all over the region in a bit to limit the rapid propagation of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic is slowly but surely robbing families of old-age traditions associated with death ceremonies.

In statement addressed to Senior Divisional Officers in his area of command, the Governor of the Centre region, Naseri Paul Biya instructs the former to ban the holding of wakes and other rituals associated with death ceremonies in their respective Divisions.

According to the statement, this instruction aims at implementing Government’s anti-COVID-19 social distancing measure.

The first case of the Coronavirus pandemic was reported in the Centre region and since then, the region has been the epicentre of the killer virus.

Taking into consideration the fact that at wakes and during burial rituals, people hardly observe the social distancing measure, Governor Naseri Paul Bea decided to ban their holding as the Government continue to look for ways to completely contain the pandemic.

Other moves almost similar to this have been taken by other Government officials to limit or prevent the propagation of the virus in their area of command.

Less than a week ago, the Senior Divisional Officer for Menchum, Abdoullahi Aliou banned the burial of any son or daughter of the land declared dead out of the Division in a bit to prevent the importation of the virus.


Published on 28.04.2020

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