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Cameroon/COVID-19: Hon. Joshua Osih wants travel restrictions imposed on Schengen countries

SDF MP Hon. Joshu Osih (c) copyright

Hon. Joshua Osih of the Social Democratic Front party has called on President Biya to temporarily prohibit travel entry for visitors coming from Schengen countries in response to the ban on Cameroonian nationals to go to those countries.

In a statement made Monday June 29, Hon Joshua Osih frowns at the recent decision from European countries in the Schengen area prohibiting access to their territory to nationals of some countries including Cameroon because of the Coronavirus pandemic which has so far claimed over 504,744 victims worldwide.

“We cannot be victims of a virus introduced to us from the Schengen area and pay the price of its consequences…” Hon Joshua Osih wrote.

“Worst still, these countries act as if they have lessons to give when they should have humbly put themselves in synergy with our local actors to better manage the COVID-19 crisis in order to save lives in the Schengen area and in Cameroon. This is unacceptable. The SDF MP added.

As such, he has urged Cameroon’s Head of State, President Paul Biya to react to this ban.

“As a member of Parliament, I call on the President of the Republic to take his responsibilities and enforce or cause to be enforced the sacrosanct diplomatic principle of reciprocity vis-à-vis the countries of the Schengen area.

“The President of the Republic has a duty to take up his responsibilities and impose our sovereignty.” Hon. Joshua Osih noted.

In a move to reduce importation of COVID-19 cases, countries in the Schengen area including France, Germany and Switzerland recently decided that nationals of certain countries in the world are prohibited from entering their territory.

They added that the list of the said countries will be updated after every fifteen days.

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