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Cameroon: COVID-19 scares Douala Laquintinie hospital patients away – Prof Louis Richard Ndjock

ENtrance to the Laquintinie hospital, Douala (c) copyright

The Director of the Laquintinie hospital in Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon Prof Louis Richard Ndjock has disclosed patients suffering from other diseases have gradually abandoned the hospital for fear of contracting COVID-19, thereby crippling its activities and income.

He made the revelation Thursday May 7 in an interview granted the press in Douala.

Speaking to media men, the medical practitioner expressed fears about what may happen to some of these patients if they continue avoiding the hospital for fear of contracting the Coronavirus.

He stated clearly that Laquintinie does not only take care of Coronavirus patients and the latter are treated in a well-equipped centre that is far away from where other patients are attended to.

Prof Louis Richard Ndjock equally disclosed that due to this COVID-19 scare, the number of children born in the facility has considerably dropped, the rate of consultation has reduced by 50%, and that of hospitalizations by 15%, there by crippling the income of the hospital.

As at this Friday, the hospital has reportedly received close to 450 COVID-19 cases, over 40 of them died and some two hundred were successfully treated.

According to the Director, on daily basis, the hospital takes care of 70 to 80 Coronavirus patients.


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