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Cameroon: COVID-19 screening centres created nationwide

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At least sixty one COVID-19 screening centres have been created at health districts nationwide in order to facilitate the rapid tracking and testing of suspected cases.

The testing centres spread across the ten regions of Cameroon will add and reinforce the work of the mobile caravan team that has equally been deployed nationwide.

In the nation’s capital, Yaounde, at least 15 sites with the possibility of getting the results in under an hour or equally in three days.

The South West Region  has about 12 of such created testing centres; 12 in Buea, two in Kumba, two in Mamfe, one each in Mutengene, Tiko, Bota and Limbe.

In the North West Region, there are at least 16 of such screening units created; five in Bamenda, two in Batibo, three in Fundong, two each in Kumbo and Tubah , one each in Benakuma, Ako, Bafut, Bali ..etc.

Published on 28.04.2020

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