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Cameroon: CPDM Central Committee member wants Kamto released

A Central Committee Committee member of the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, Pascal Messanga Nyamnding has called for the release of Prof. Maurice Kamto who has been in detention since January 28.

The outspoken CPDM Central Committee members called on the Head of State to grant clemency to Maurice Kamto and his followers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement who are detained.

However, before calling for their pardon, he stressed that he does not caution the CRM protests that led to the arrestsn of several supporters of the party.

“Legally, this is not the first time Kamto is guilty of acts that should lead him to prison. First of all, he declared himself as President even before the results were proclaimed. He went further to protest against a President who was constitutionally elected and sworn in…,”Messanga Nyamnding told Douala-based radio Balafon FM.

However, the University Don said he believes in a settlement out of the courts and hopes the Head of State grants clemency to the detained.

“We don’t solve issues of the State with the law. For example, it was the Head of State’s political will that saw the (Anglophone) leaders of the Consortium released, it is the same will that saw him work with former 1984 coup plotters. I believe this is a political issue and we should consider the human aspect of politics; Prof Kamto has to be freed, “he said.

Pascal Messanga Nyamnding also added that he supports Kamto as a colleague despite their political differences and respects his service to the nation.

Published on 10.02.2021

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