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Cameroon: CRM court cases against Atanga Nji thrown out in Douala, Bafoussam

The case between the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and the Minister of Territorial Administration have been thrown out by the Mifi and Mfoundi High Courts.

Following in the footsteps of the Mfoundi High Court which threw out the case on Wednesday, the Mifi High Court described the suit filed by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement as “redundant” hence threw out the matter on Thursday.

At the Wouri High Court, said the communiqué from the Minister of Territorial Administration is an order given to all administrative authorities and can not be seen as a violation of the law as the CRM party had earlier argued. Tehy court thus ruled their suit had no substance and proceeded to throw out the matter.

It should be recalled that the Cameroon Renaissance Movement had seized the Mfoundi, Mifi and Wouri High Courts to annul the decision by the Minister of Territorial Administration to ban nationwide protests called by the party and which were supposed to hold on April 6 and 13.

Paul Atanga Nji went further to threaten the party with a ban if they went further with their plans to protest. The Cameroon Renaissance Movement bowed to pressure and suspended the protests while waiting for the verdicts from the various courts after filing a suit against the Minister. It is now left to be seen what their next move will be.


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