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Cameroon: CRM sets Kamto, allies release as condition to partake in National dialogue

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The Cameroon Renaissance Movement party has stated that it will not participate in the Major National dialogue if its National President, Prof Maurice Kamto and allies are not released.

In a memorandum issued by Kamto and Co from the Yaounde Central Prison, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party says it will not participate in the Major National Dialogue if some conditions are not meted out, amongst which the release of its President, leaders, allies and sympathisers.

“The CRM cannot take part in this Major National Dialogue without the prior release of its National President, Professor Maurice Kamto, leaders of the political party and allied organisations, as well as militants and sympathisers of the CRM arbitrarily arrested and illegally detained…”Part of the five-page document reads.

The party however admits the resolution of the Anglophone crisis has always been at the centre of the party’s concern since its creation.

Published on 10.02.2021

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