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Cameroon: CRTV apologises for Minister Momo’s anti semitic comments

Jean De Dieu Momo on Actualités Hebdo

The Cameroon Radio Television CRTV has apologised for comments uttered by Minister Jean de Dieu Momo which were described as anti semitic by the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon.

During its Sunday weekly magazine programme Actualité Hebdo, presenter Ibrahim Cherif read a communiqué from the General Manager apologising to the public for letting such comments on the state broadcaster.

“The CRTV is conscious of its role in promoting a hamonious cohabitation, solidarity and respect amongst communities and given that the comments of our guest didn’t go down well at home and abroad, we sincerely apologise to all those who felt hurt …”Ibrahim Cherif read out a communiqué on Actualité Hebdo on Sunday.

The apology comes five days after the presenter of the programme and the General Manager of the CRTV appeared before the National Communication Council to respond to a summons relating to the matter.

With the verdict of the hearing still expected, the State broadcaster has taken a bold step to apologise and follow the footseps of the government of Cameroon that apologised when the controversy broke out though disowned Jean De Dieum Momo in the apology.



Published on 05.05.2023

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