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Cameroon: Custom officers intercept fake drugs in Adamawa region

Custom officers say they have seized a consignment of illicit drugs in the Adamawa Region which was destined for the Cameroonian market.

The drugs were being transported in two trucks into the region when they were intercepted by custom officers at the weekend after they were tipped off.

The two trucks were loaded with 240 cartons of fake chloroquine as well as 1500 cartons of injectable tramadol which were packaged in match boxes to deceive the custom officers and mask any attempt to suspect the goods.

According to a custom official in the Adamawa Region, Norbert Ahidjo, most of the fake chloroquine come from neighbouring countries into the Cameroonian market. He added that they had intercepted 210 cartons of such fake drugs in April and have since been very vigilant along the borders. Recently,  2,000 bags of sugar and 10,000 bags were intercepted as they were being smuggled in the country through the same border.

Since the use of chloroquine a part of the treatment protocol to fight the COVID-19, unscrupulous business persons have either engaged in the smuggling or the sale of fake drugs in the country.

Last weekend’s interception has been praised by the Minister of Public Health Dr Malachie Manaouda who has called on more vigilance to avoid the market being polluted by such drugs.

“In collaboration with Cameroonian customs, we do not forget the fight against fake medicines, even in these times of response against COVID-19,” Dr Malachie Manaouda said.

Published on 28.04.2020

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