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Cameroon Cycling Tour: Lapse Unveiled

Cameroon cycling tour
Competition to begin on June 4

With some innovations, the different towns that will cover riders during the competition were made public by the organising committee.

From June 4 to the 12 of the same month 2022, the country will organise its international cycling tour. Ahead of this international event,  preparations are already going on. A meeting in this line was organised last week. Headed by the President of Cameroon’s cycling federation, Honoré Yossi, it resulted that the competition will still cover eight lapses in five regions. These regions include, the Center, Littoral, West, South and South-West. 

And it is Douala, headquarters of the Littoral region that will host the launching of the ceremony. Later on, that is the second lapse will take place in Yaounde to Ayos. 

Following the schedule drawn, the third lapse will run from Obala to Ndikinemeki. The other phases include that of Bangangté on June 7, Lom-Limbe on June 8, Douala-Kribi on June 9. The 7th and the 8th lapse will conclude the competition with distances covered between Boumnyebal-Mbalmayo, followed by Ebolowa to Yaounde on June 12, 2022.

Riders will have a unique resting day that is on June 10.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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