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Cameroon: Decamped Ambazonia General pictured in Yaounde

General Nambere (in red) was pictured in Yaounde at the weekend

An armed fighter of the Ambazonia separatist movement has been pictured in Yaounde fuelling reports that he has dropped his weapons.

Pictures have gone viral of ‘General Nambere’ reportedly in Yaounde alongside a one-time separatist activist Success Nkongho with other two men; one identified as a French diplomat and the other as journalist Elie Smith.

The picture has sparked outrage as amongst separatist activists who have ‘blacklisted’ General Nambere describing his act as ‘betrayal’.

General Nambere who was the leader of an armed group in the North West Region was last seen in Cameroon in November 2018 before reports emerged he had fled into Nigeria.

It is not clear how he made his way to Yaounde but separatists activists accuse journalist Elie Smith of facilitating the process given that he had been key in helping some separatist fighters drop their weapons ahead of the Major National Dialogue that took place last month in Yaounde

Published on 28.04.2020

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