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Cameroon: Detained Ambazonia leaders calls for unity around Swiss-led dialogue

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One of the ten detained leaders of the Ambazonia separatist movement Wilfred Tassang has called on the leaders of the various factions of the movement to unite and speak in one voice around the swiss-led mediation.

Since Switzerland through the Humanitarian Dialogue expressed willingness to mediate between the separatist and the Cameroonian government, opinions have been split amongst the separatist leaders.

A group of separatist leaders have even gone to Switzerland for pre dialogue talks while others have totally boycotted the initiative questioning its transparency.

Writing from jail, Wilfred Tassang has called on the various factions to come together and discuss for a common approach to the swiss dialogue.

“Proponents of the talks have done well in that they have let the whole world know that the struggle is ready to talk. Those who didn’t go also did well in that they let the world know that the resistance will not be precipitated into just any kind of arrangement in the name of talks,”Wilfred Tassang said.

“At the outset, to talk and not to talk were both correct. However, what is happening now is absolute madness in the name of defending positions. I hear more of ego than good sense. Ego and passion have blurred their vision,” he added.


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