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Cameroon: Detained Anglophone journalist drags military spokesperson to court

Detained Anglophone journalist Kingsley Njoka has dragged the army spokesperson to court over what he terms defamation.

In a letter addressed to the State Prosecutor at the Yaounde Military Tribunal, Kingsley Njoka who is curretly being detained at the Kondengui Central Prison in Yaounde called for investigations to be opened on Col. Atonfack after comments he recently made on TV.

Col. Atonfack, Head of the Communication Division at the Ministry of Defence on July 5 during an interview with Douala-based Equinoxe Television said Kingsley Njoka was an arms dealer and owned a separatists gang in Bui division responsible for the killing of women and children as well as those who want to had decided to drop their arms.

Allegations the detained journalist has denied describing them as criminal and an attempt to tarnish his image.

“I consider the utterances of Colonel Atonfack Cyrille Nguemo as criminal because he impeached my character, by blatantly engaging in prejudicial comments, defamation and violation of suspect’s sacrosant right to presumption of innocence, defamation, propagation of the secrecy of police investigation, desecretion, breach of professional confidence and above all placing my person on arms way with the separatist armed groups,” Kingsley Njoka said.

Kingsley Njoya appeared before a judge for the first time on June 30 but his case was adjourned for his lawyers to get grasp of the matter.

The freelance journalist was arrested on May 15 in Douala and taken to Yaounde for questioning but was only given access to his family and lawyers two weeks later and later presented to a prosecutor at the Yaounde Military Tribunal on June 12.

Published on 28.04.2020

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