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Cameroon: Detained pidgin newscaster, Samuel Wazizi succumbs to torture – CAMASEJ

Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe aka Wazizi (c) copyright

Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe aka Wazizi, pidgin newscaster working with Buea based Chillen Music and Television, CMTV arrested in August 2019 over charges of links with Ambazonia fighters and detained incommunicado is reported dead.

According to the Cameroon Association of English-speaking journalists CAMASEJ, Samuel Wazizi died at the Yaounde Military Hospital after succumbing to torture.

Reports hold that after his arrest in August 2019 by Muea police authorities, Wazizi was transferred to the 21st Motorized Infantry Battalion and denied opportunity to apply for bail.

Since then, Wazizi’s whereabouts remained unknown to his lawyers, family members, friends and colleagues.

His case, adjourned over eight times had been going on at the Fako High Court in Buea, South West region of the country without the pidgin newscaster’s physical appearance, raising concerns over his welfare.

On May 7, during one of his hearings, the President of the Buea High Court rejected the habeas corpus plea filed for the journalist on the basis that it constituted a “wrongful quotation of law”.

Some three hundred days after his arrest and detention, information yet to be officially confirmed or not goes round the journalist succumbed to torture in Yaounde hospital.

His colleagues and other civil society actors including Bar Agbor Balla have taken to social media platforms to demand justice for his case.



Published on 28.04.2020

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