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Cameroon: dialysis patients get relief from the Iya Foundation

The Iya Foundation has come to the aid of dialysis patients (c)All rights reserved

Dialysis patients at the Buea Regional Hospital Hemodialysis Center have received 1 million Frs Cfa worth of Repoitin 4000 IU from the Iya Foundation.

The donation is in line with their Epogen/Erythropoetin program which was initiated in 2016, the Iya Foundation said. Epogen plays an integral role in the treatment of dialysis patients to combat anemia caused by chronic kidney disease in patients on dialysis. It helps to reduce or avoid the need for blood cell transfusions.

“We have been assisting patients the best way we can and I think, donating the Epogen injection which is a very expensive  for them to purchase will greatly help them,” Mr. Ashu Ayuk, Project Coordinator of the Iya Foundation said after the donation ceremony.

So far, 13 dialysis warriors have benefitted from this program, and with this donation, 16 more stand to benefit. This donation adds to the dialysis machines that were donated at the Buea Haemodialysis centre.

Mr. George Tambe, the patient association president, was there to receive a portion of the supplies in the presence of the Clinic Manager, Mrs. Maureen Monono.

“I want to sincerely thank the (Iya) Foundation for this donation. This drug helps to sustain the patients and we hope for more in the future,” he said.

On their part, hospital officials expressed their gratitude to the Iya Foundation for the gesture and called on other stakeholders to join the train.

The Iya Foundation said, the remainder of the drugs, now available, will be delivered to the patients on a later date.

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