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Cameroon-Diplomacy: Demystifying The Profession

Radiant World Consulting
Radiant World Consulting

It is the idea behind the Radiant World Consulting encounter organised last June 15 in Yaounde to present the modern diplomacy mechanism . Diplomacy should no longer be limited to States, but extend to multinationals.

Diplomacy must open up to the different sectors of today’s society. Each component must be a stakeholder when it comes to diplomacy. This is the message of Marianne Tchameni Tita. She made it known last Wednesday, June 15, 2022, during a conference under the theme ‘Modern diplomacy and jobs within the international sector. Four hours of exchanges made it possible to understand that the diplomat, today, is no longer only expected to intervene within the frame of nations. But even within his nation, for example with internal crises, or in the context of business activities, he must put on the posture of a negotiator.
This, according to Marianne Tchameni, diplomat and representative of the Radiant World Consulting, “we can no longer narrow this profession or reserve it for a particular group of people. The world has changed and we have a lot of opportunities.” It is therefore, she informs, necessary to turn to what she describes as modern diplomacy.
This new approach, according to the former student of the International Relations Institutes of Cameroon, Iric, which is modern diplomacy is not so different from that of the traditional one, “it is all about insisting on sobriety, discretion, the notions of multiculturalism, the sense of responsibility and above all embodying the values of the entity or the State that he represents at all levels. The diplomat must understand that in all situations where he finds himself, he is a diplomat and must know how to open up to other actors” explains Marianne Tchameni Tita.
It is in this light that the Radiant World Consulting wants to encourage young people to grab the opportunities offered by diplomacy. Opportunities are expressed in different aspects of society. For specialists, we have reached an era strongly influenced by globalization. Faced with this, it becomes necessary for diplomats to acquire other skills or to call on other actors from various sectors of activity to make them diplomats as well. It is the example of France which was put forward where any civil administrator for instance can today enjoy the function of diplomat about his speciality too to have a more effective approach.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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