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Cameroon: disarmament committee, another step to solve Anglophone crisis-CDP Chairman

The Creation of the National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee by the Head of State Paul Biya is another giant step in solving the crisis in the North West and South West region, the Chairman of the Cameroon Democratic Party has said.

Dr. Bate Benz Enow, member of the G20 coalition of the Presidential majority was speaking on Friday in Yaounde during a press conference to air out his position on recent happenings in the country.

It is in this light that he used the opportunity to call on Cameroonians to seize the opportunity given them by the Head of State for peace to return in the North Wst and South West regions of Cameroon.

“The creation of the national disarmament, demobilization and reintegration committee is another step step forward which adds to the already existing emergency humanitarian assistance plan,” Dr. Bate Benz Enow said.

Despite the creation of the committee to disarm groups in the North West, South West as well as the Far North regions, fierce fightings was recorded in Buea between Cameroon security forces and separatist fighters on Wednesday and Thursday though it is still difficult to establish the casualties.

However, the Chairman of the CDP ws quick to downplay the incident saying it is just a matter of time before the situation is brought under control as he called on the separatists to drop their guns and embrace the Head of State’s call for peace.

“We of the Cameroon Democratic Party seize this opportunity to call on our brothers not to miss this opportunity to reconcile with their fatherland,” Dr. Enow said.

The holding of the Anglophone General Conference which was seen as an avenue for Anglophones to present concrete proposals in the bid to solve the crisis suffered another adjournment two weeks ago with many accusing the government of frustrating the move initiated by some religious leaders.

However, the CDP Chairman said government is in support of every initiative that will help bring peace in the trouble regions but is still sceptical about the Anglophone General Conference because of its lack of vision.

However, the government will be ready and willing to grant authorissation for the conference to hold when all conditions must have been met, Dr. Bate Benz Enow said.

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