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Cameroon: Discover “Les Combis”, your new web series

The three combis (c) journalducameroun.com

The new Cameroonian French web series, “Les Combis” highlighting the adventures of three female characters will be released this Wednesday November 6, 2019 on its YouTube channel, “Les Combis Officiel”.

The web series produced by Vanessa Baho presents the everyday life, the dreams, the aspirations as well as the disillusionments of three good female friends; Essono, Ketcha and Nyango.

The first season comprising 25 episodes of 6minutes each highlights the day-to-day life of the three good friends, a life filled with both funny and crazy stories and at times painful and sensitive ones like violence exerted on women and girls.

The web series equally highlights amongst other important issues the concept of living together that exist amongst the different tribes in Cameroon.

All this is presented in a simple style and a relaxed atmosphere mixed with tricks and taunts amongst the friends. As such, derision is used to denounce the ills of the society, and by the same occasion soothe the anxieties of Internet users who could assimilate to the characters in the web series.

In one of the episodes, one of them, Nyango will be mocked by the two others for taking care of a man who in turn spends her money with other girls around. It will take some little time, advice, insults, disputes and even rupture for the girls to get back their complicity.

As from this Wednesday November 6, 2019, date of its official release, “Les Combis” will be streamed two times per month on its YouTube channel, “Les Combis Officiel”.


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