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Cameroon: Donald Trump urged to repatriate separatists residing in USA

"Mouvement des patriotes indomptables" urges US Gov't to repatriate separatists (c) copyright

Hundreds of youths Wednesday August 19 staged a peaceful protest in front of the Embassy of the United State in Yaounde, calling on the US Government to send back home “Ambazonia leaders” sponsoring acts of barbarism in the restive Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Banners and placards in their hands, chanting songs for the peaceful repose of the souls of those killed in the course of the Anglophone crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, youths under the banner of the “Mouvement des patriotes indomptables” stormed the US Embassy in Yaounde this Wednesday to denounce the killings perpetrated by separatist fighters sponsored by those residing in Donald Trump’s country.

They have called on the American Government to send back home all these now American citizens whom they consider as terrorists for the law to take its course in Cameroon.

“People who are comfortable abroad and order Cameroonians to be beheaded back here, they stop our children from going to school, they even eat the flesh of some of their victims, it’s more than enough…America should act like a friendly country, send them home and let them answer for their crimes…” One of the protesters said.

Recently, the killings in the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon witnessed a new twist, with civilians being “slaughtered” in cold blood and in broad daylight.

The latest killing that sent shock waves in an out of the country was the butchering of a mother of four, Confort Tumassang in Makanga, a neighbourhood in Muyuka, South West region of Cameroon after she was accused of being a “blackleg” by suspected separatists.

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