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Cameroon: Douala chiefs observe spiritual ritual for return of peace

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Sawa traditional rulers have observed a purification ceremony aimed at calling on their ancestors to restore peace and stability in Cameroon.

As earlier announced in a press conference, they all converged on the banks of River Wouri last Sunday to implore the mercy of their ancestors, calling on them to bring back peace in Cameroon.

According to reports, the purification ceremony took place away from non-initiated eyes, inside a small hut constructed for the occasion. After some time, the chiefs came out with one holding a mystical clay pot with herbs on it. The later stood in the middle and was surrounded by the other chiefs.

Report further mention that they started with incantations, allegedly banishing the spirit of war and calling on their ancestors to restore peace and stability at the end of which the Sawa chiefs handed over the said mystical pot to the chairman of the National Coordination of the peace caravan.

He will take it along with him in the East and West regions where a similar ceremony is expected to hold on August 17.

Published on 03.01.2023

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