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Cameroon: Douala hit by floods following heavy rains

Houses in Doaula inundated following heavy rains (c) copyright August 2020

Some neighbourhoods in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala in the Littoral region have been hit by floods following heavy downpour early this Friday August 21.

According to locals, the rains started at about 4am this Friday.

Neighbourhoods like Bepanda Safari, Akwa, New bell, Nkololoun, Bongo Cite Berge, Makepe Missoke, Carriere de tete, Mabanda Bonaberi, Bepanda Bongo, Bonamoussadi have been inundated with many houses completely covered by flood.

This has disrupted the morning daily activities of most Douala city dwellers as some have been compelled to stay home so as to prevent the waters from destroying some of their property.

Others got no other option but to walk through the running waters and under the rains to get to their different job sites.

By the time we were putting this piece online, reports from the region had it that some raods are inaccessible as many fear the possible damage that could be caused if the rains persist.

This is not the first time Douala is hit by floods following heavy downpour.


Published on 10.02.2021

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