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Cameroon-Douala : Lady Accused of Mystical Practice On Neighbors, Customers

After long denials, the so-called Sarah N confessed to resorting to witchcraft to solve her problems.

Inhabitants of Nyalla neighborhood in Douala will never stop thanking the rain of last November 19th. The latter caused a torrent to pick up everything in its path. And the pile of closed padlocks, tied with red fabric, cowries and buried under a piece of cinder block could not resist the strong torrent of last weekend. After this discovery, eyes turned to the owner of the compound where the padlocks were buried, Sarah N.

This is how one of the tenants of the lady will run to challenge her at the market where her business is located. Explaining the situation to him, she denies all responsibilities pointing out that these things could have been buried by anyone. Except that this thesis does not convince his interlocutors.

Tension escalates. Threats too. Sarah N decides to leave her counter to go to her home. Along the way, she confesses that it is indeed her work that has been unearthed by the torrent. And to justify herself, she explains that she did this practice to get an insolvent tenant out. In reaction, we can hear, “all these padlocks for a single tenant?!”.

Equipped with yam leaves, the inhabitants of the neighborhood decided to whip her (a treatment supposed to martyrize sorcerers). If it had not been for the intervention of the Central Police N°2 and the GMI, the worst could have happened. Some will decide to burn her home but it is rather the effects of Sarah N who will be cremated. During the excavations, other sets of padlocks-red fabric-cowrie shells were discovered in sacks of rice and salt; commodities that Sarah N retails.

Published on 05.05.2023

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