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Cameroon-Douala : Man Thrashed By Neighbors For Hitting His Son

While inflicting a correction on his 8-year-old son, Shadrack M was beaten by the inhabitants of the neighborhood.


A sunny afternoon as usual in the Logbaba neighborhood in Douala. Only the climate had kept its habit. For the rest, it is extraordinary. Shadrack M is a carpenter. His wife left him, leaving him their three children. In the neighborhood, it is said that it is because of the overeating of the husband. A case of food that will eventually lead him to the hospital.

Playing the role of father and mother, Shadrack very often cooks and feeds his children. Before leaving the house, he instructs his children as Cameroon Tribune reports that no one touches the rest he intended to sustain in the evening. An instruction that probably was not to the taste of the youngest of the children.

The latter succumbed to temptation. Worse still, his brothers reported this to their parents. Taken by anger, Shadrack will inflict a beating on his 8-year-old son and coat him with pepper.

The neighbors alarmed by the howls of the little one will try to calm the father. He will instead continue with corporal punishment. What irritates some young people of the neighborhood who will use other means which will end up driving Shadrack to the hospital.


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