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Cameroon-Douala: Women Raped During Birthday Party 

Invited to a friend’s birthday celebration, the ladies after being drunk were sexually abused.


A drunken evening that quickly turned into a nightmare. It took place in Douala in the Deido neighborhood at a place called “Quartier Charlie”. A lady called Geraldine decided to celebrate her 40th birthday. In this line, last Saturday, she then organized a party where champagne, wines, and other liquors flowed.


Took part in the party among the many guests, two of her friends in their thirties, whose beauty hardly leaves one indifferent.


Although entry at the party was secured, information, as reported by Cameroon Tribune disclosed that at around 2 a.m., the control at the entrance to the concession where the ceremony was taking place was released. This is how onlookers, attracted by the atmosphere that emanated there, decided to join the ceremony.


Geraldine notwithstanding the time and her departure indicated to the galley manager that no one should miss anything. This undoubtedly plunged the two women mentioned above into a state of drunkenness and vulnerability.


Grabbing the opportunity, four individuals presented themselves as brothers of the two ladies and said they will bring them home regarding their condition. This house will be a primary school in the area where they will drive the girls on motorbikes and rape them.


It was in the early morning of the day after the feast when Christians went to church that they discovered the two ladies lying in a pitiful state, unconscious, their clothes were torn and one of them bleeding at the level of the crotch.


They were taken to a hospital by a patrol from the Special Rapid Response Team. The Deido Gendarmerie Brigade also descended on the scene to investigate.


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