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Cameroon: Dreaded Ambazonia General killed in Bui

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One of the most dreaded Ambazonia Generals in Cameroon’s restive North West region who headed a group of warriors in Bui Division, General Chacha has been killed, sources have confirmed.

He was killed Saturday January 25, 2020, breaking Sunday after his camp in Kikaikom, a locality in Kumbo headquarters of Bui Division in the North West region was invaded by security forces during a military operation.

In the course of this same military operation, some twenty other Ambazonia fighters are said to have been neutralised.

The death of Ambazonia General Chacha comes some days after Brigadier General Nka Valere, Commander of the 5th joint military region in Bamenda called on all Ambazonia fighters to drop their arms or be crushed in a media outing.

In that media outing, he had mentioned the name of Separatist General Chacha.

In line with the Head of Sate’s prescription, there was at the beginning of this month a heavy military deployment in the two English speaking regions to ensure the security and protection of people and their property before, during and after the February 9 twin polls.

Published on 28.04.2020

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