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Cameroon: Driver sanctioned for road accident that left 16 persons dead

Cameroon: 40 perish in three different road accidents in less than 24 hours
Accident along the Obala-Batchenga highway that left at least 16 dead (c) copyright

A heavy duty truck driver has been banned for five years from driving after he was found guilty of provoking the accident on August 5 in the locality of Mvog Essindi on the Yaounde-Ayos Highway that led to at least sixteen persons dead.

The driver, Leopold Azeufack was sanctioned after the exploitation of the investigation reports which found out that the responsibility was attributed to the SOTRAC SARL company whose logs transported by the truck hooked the inter urban bus agency Avenir de la Kadey before causing the causualties.

For driving without a licence, the driver who is on the run has been prohibited from applying for a driver’s licence for the next five years, the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe said in a press release.

The registration certificates of the tractor and trailer of the said trucks have been suspended for twelve months for lack of administrative documents while the SOTRAC SARL company has been prohibited from carrying out any road transport activity of goods throughout the nations territory.

The said trucks cannot be rented or transferred, the Minister of Transport warned.

The sanctions come over one month after the accident that left at least 16 persons dead on a dark weekend that equally saw casualties on some major roads in the country.

Since September 5, the Ministry of Transport has stepped up a special road safety campaign on all the major highways across the country to curb the rate of accidents on roads and sanction all road users not respecting the Highway Code.

Published on 10.02.2021

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