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Cameroon: DWB condemns killing of worker in restive South West region

Community health personnels under DWB taking care of patients (c) copyright

The non-governmental humanitarian organisation, Doctors Without Borders, DWB has strongly condemned the recent killing of a community health worker in Kumba, Meme Division of the South West region of Cameroon rocked by the close to four years Anglophone crisis.

In a statement issued Saturday July 11, Doctors Without Borders say Separatists notified them on the killing of a health personnel working under the supervision of the organisation in the restive South West region of Cameroon.

“As an independent humanitarian organization that provides medical care to those most in need, regardless of their religious, political and cultural background, we condemn the killing of someone who was providing health care to his community, with the support and under the supervision of Doctors Without Borders…” Part of the statement reads.

Reiterating its objective, that of reaching out to communities who have difficulty accessing health care and who are most in need, the humanitarian organisation renewed calls for both the military and Separatists to ensure the safety of health care workers, ambulances, hospitals and patients.

The health worker identified as Felix Mba, reports say was found dead Friday July 10, days after he was allegedly kidnapped by separatist fighters and reportedly accused of collaborating with the military.

This is not the first time a community health worker is targeted in the restive Anglophone regions of the country where the crisis has caused untold sufferings to the people for close to four years today.





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