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Cameroon: ECA stresses on econonomic diversification to mark 60 anniverssary

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa has stressed on the need for economic diversity so as to make African economies relient in face of global economic crisis.

During a colloquim held in Yaounde on December 12 as part of activities to mark the ECA’s sixtieth anniversary, the organisation presented a series of policies to incite action towards creating productive and shock-resilient economies.

It was an opportunity for the ECA’s Central Africa office based in Yaounde to review the grounds covered for the past 60 years and make projections for the years to come.

“I will like to thank the Government of Cameroon for hosting us since our establishment here in Yaounde in 1962. Sixty years for us is a time for reflection, first to look at what we have produced so far and then ask ourselves whether our contribution has been good enough to lift Africa out of the state of a marginal player in the global economy,” Antonio Pedro, the Director of  the Subregional Office, Central Africa said.

He went further to say the results are mixed (despite huge successes), reason why they have dedicated the sixtieth anniversary day to discuss economic diversity because Africa remains a marginal player in terms of expeortation and innovation.

“We want to deepen our ability to respond to our member states ….and translate all our pieces of work into practical tools that can better our member states,” Antonio Pedro highlighted.

Presiding over the event, the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development Paul Tasong hailed the ECA as a “frontline partner” of Cameroon and the Central African sub region in terms of developing and harmonising development policies.

“We stand by our strategic partner in commemorating this event and take the opportunity to enourage them in their work and to continue standing by us,” Paul Tasong said.



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