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Cameroon: Edison Fru Ndi gets top job at NW Chamber of Commerce

Bamenda-based business magnet, Edison Fru Ndi has been elected as the new Regional Delegate of the North West Chamber of Commerce. He picked up six of the nine available votes available to secure the top job as he now looks to give a fresh impetus to the pchamber as well as the business climate in the region.

Owner of several business structures in the North West Region, Edison Fru Ndi wasted no time in rolling out his vision and plan of action immediately after he was elected.

“I want to bring businesses to understand the mission of the Chamber of Commerce and exploit the opportunities,” Edison Fru Ndi said.

He added that all his actions will be geared at improving on growth and will do all it takes to get all stakeholders active so that they can achieve a common goal for the region during his mandate.

“The final result will be the growth of the economy (Cameroon),” he said, adding that; “We have a gentleman agreement to serve one mandate. So that we (members) all can have the opportunity to serve and to lead.”

Edison Fru Ndi is not a novçce in leadership. He has served as the President of the North West Contractors’ Syndicate NOWECOSY, demonstrated honesty and professionalism in executing contract to their logcal end.

A fervent supporter of the ruling CPDM party, Edison Fru Ndi opened the city’s first high-end restaurant named Dreamland. “Putting your money where your mouth is,” the ritzy restaurant’s slogan became a catch phrase in town. He later will blend good food and cultural entertainment. Edison opened the Dreamland Cabaret. And, covered a lacuna in city life by night. In 2010, the cabaret raked reviews as the best cabaret in the CEMAC region. Edison has taken entertainment to the next level in Bamenda. He runs the cozy Dreamland Snack Bar. The CEO of Dreamland Holdings also operates a gravel production plant. A FCFA 2 billion investment. 250 tonnes of gravel are produced in one hour.




Published on 10.02.2021

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