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Cameroon-Education : New Classrooms Being Built In Dschang

This is a gift from Toukam Fotso Epse Njitap to the public school of Lipo in Foréké Dschang.


A heartfelt gift before Easter holidays. This is what just happened in Dschang in the  Menoua division of the West Region; the retrocession of six new classrooms fully equipped with benches and an office for the administration.

The donation was made by Toukam Fotso, daughter of the late Fotso Victor. A gesture welcomed and highly appreciated by the first deputy mayor of the of Dschang city council, Emile Temgoua. A feeling of gratitude also shared by the headmistress of the beneficiary school, appreciating the various contributions of Toukam Fotso in favour of the education of the youth while making other demands.

The ceremony was presided over by the Secretary General of the West Region, Adrey Epenté Tazeu in the presence of administrative authorities, politicians, members of the Menoua Lawyers Association of Douala as well as a strong delegation from Bandjoun led by the Mayor of Pète Bandjoun, Maptue Fotso Nicky Love.


Published on 05.05.2023

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