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Cameroon: Eight corpses abandoned at Bamenda Regional Hospital mortuary

Entrance to the Bamenda Regional Hospital (c) copyright
The Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Denis Nsame has alerted the population of the chief town of the North West region of Cameroon on the presence of eight unidentified corpses including a woman abandoned at the hospital’s mortuary.


Speaking Thursday June 17, Dr Denis Nsame said the corpses were transported to the hospital’s mortuary by forces of law and order, rescue units and Council agents upon discovery in Bamenda.

Since then, nobody has come to claim or identify any of them, a situation that disturbs the hospital authorities because the number keeps increasing with time. With a storage capacity of 200 places, the mortuary may soon be full if care is not taken.

Dr Denis revealed that after autopsy, majority of these corpses had bullet wounds, indicating they were shot dead.

According to reports, the crisis rocking the region could be at the origin of the tradition of abandoned corpses at the mortuary.

“Before this crisis, the issue of corpses abandoned in the mortuary wasn’t this alarming. When i began working here, there were more than 16 abandoned corpses which were later on buried…” Dr Denis Nsame said.

He has thus called on the population in Bamenda to come and check if any of the abandoned corpse belongs to them and carry it away for proper burial.

“Through this announcement, we want to alert the population, if they are looking for a relative, they can come to the mortuary and check…”

Failure to do this, the hospital authorities will refer the case to the Prosecutor General for burial to be carried out as per the law.

Published on 10.02.2021

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