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Cameroon: ELECAM Launches Campaign to Boost Voters Registration

Elecam 2022
Elecam-campaign 2022

Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, has launched a ribush nationwide sensitisation and educuation campaig to boost the enrollment of potential voters on the electoral register.

The 10 days campaign was launched Monday June 6. It will simultaneously run at the central service and the ELECAM regional branches.The campaign will end June 16.

ELECAM has harmonised the communication actions of the campaign.It will be carried out at the national and regional levels.This  would be through the use of the  institution’s social media platforms and audiovisual media.

With the use of their widely visited facebook and twitter platforms,ELECAM officials disclosed that they intend to get wider proportion of potential voters across the national territory. On this note, ELECAM, officials added that they have equally decided to engage well-known and widely followed social media influencers.

The influencers will focus on disseminating the sensitazation and educative messages and extensively monitor the social media space.

At the Level of ten ELECAM regional branches,special teams will make use of highly rated programmes on state radio stations,private and community radio stations to carry out sensitisation.

The teams , and officials added will also create platforms for informationsharing and educational talks with local associations, social groups, civil society organizations in the communitiesacross the ten regionsof the country.

The active participation of women in the electoral process is the need of the hour for an empowered generation.Women get enrolled’‘ is a messaged designed for the campaign by ELECAM. Officials noted that registration is the first step to electoral participation.

The ongoing drive, is the second camapaign that is being carried out by ELECAM this year with goal of boosting voter registration. The first campaign took place in the month of February, which targeted youths at voting age.

Asides taking steps to boost voters registration, ELECAM, it should be said, has incessantly organised training sessions for its staff.The goal has been to meet up with international exigencies and standards in managing elections.

Source: report from GP

Published on 03.01.2023

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