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Cameroon : Emergency plan to tackle cyber criminality

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication
Brainstorming on tackling cyber criminality

It is a proposal of a sectoral workshop organised by the ministry of Posts and Telecommunication last March 3, 2022 in Yaounde. The country should be moving towards a nation with zero tolerance to cybercrimes.

A particular threat rocking our society today is the wide spread of fake news. This plague it should be said, uses the internet as a platform to give life to fake facts on social media. Couple to it are some other plagues like personal or administrative data leakages and identity theft as well as frauds on bank cards.

With the massive amount of internet users in Cameroon, such malpractices are only but common.

According to the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, Antic, 21.69 million people own a mobile phone. Amongst them, 10.05 million are internet users with 4.55 million people active on social media.

It is regarding the enormous harm such issues are causing everyday that the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication held a workshop on cyber security in Yaoundé last Thursday under the theme: “Cyber security and the responsible use of social media in Cameroon: to global challenge, a global mobilization”.

The event was all about brainstorming on solutions which could completely wipe off the cited threats to national internet.

Stakeholders discussed on the emergency of drawing a roadmap to guide the government’s action on the prevention and repression of cybercrimes.

In addition, these crimes could be tackled by a more dissuasive law on cyber criminality and a more sustained digital communication and cyber security policy adapted to the socio-context security environment of Cameroon.

According to minister Minette Libom Li Likeng, “the meeting also aimed at helping the government to develop the information society and the knowledge economy in the country”.

According to Antic, scamming constitutes 61% of cybercrimes in Cameroon, while phishing stands at 27.80%, intrusion is equal to 2.30%, cyber blackmail being 4.10% and 3.60% for cyber bullying.

Published on 05.05.2023

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