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Eneo’s assets, employees transferred to Sonatrel

The transfer of assets and employees have already been settled between Eneo and SONATREL.

Going by two concession agreements signed in Yaounde between the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy and the National Electricity Transport Corporation, recently,  the National Electricity Transport Corporation (SONATREL) will be fully in charge of managing the country’s electricity transport network.

The transfer of Eneo’s employees was confirmed by the CEO of the company during Labor Day celebrations in Yaounde. “I am thinking in particular of the teammates of the Transport Directorate, who are celebrating this holiday with us for the last time. Indeed, the concession contract of Sonatrel was signed last Friday (April 27, 2018, Editor’s note). And in accordance with the agreements concluded at the end of last year between the various stakeholders, the agents of this department will be transferred in the coming days to this public company now in charge of the management of the transport network. From now on we will make common house. We wish them all good luck! “Said Joel Nana Kontchou.

Sonatrel was created by a presidential decree on October 8th, 2015, and it officially started its activities on April 27. According to information provided by the Ministry of Water and Energy, it will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, development of public electricity transmission networks throughout Cameroon, as well as management of the energy flows that pass through it.

Published on 28.04.2020

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