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Cameroon: Equinoxe TV hits back at Atanga Nji

The proprietor of Equinoxe Television Severin Tchounkeu has hit back at the Minister of Territorial Administration over claims the Douala-based Television is biased in reporting the crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

During a press conference in Yaounde on Monday, March 9, Paul Atanga Nji warned the media to “stop being vectors of malicious reports from teleguided NGOs against our defence and security forces.”

“Equinoxe TV, STV, Radio Balafon and Le Jour newspaper should take special note,” Atanga Nji warned.

However, the proprietor of Equinoxe Television did not waste time with his reply, making a rare TV appearance on the channel’s prime time news.

He pulled no punches in addressing the Minister of Territorial Administration insisting he is not the supersisory authority of media organs in Cameroon.

Read on for part of his reply….

“We decided not to broadcast a large part of the elements brought back from Ngarbuh. I am ashamed of what is going on in this country and I come here to express my dissatisfaction.

I think the Minat should go to the regulator to find out who are the people who can be compared to a TV thousand Hills.

The Minat is neither our supervisory authority, nor our regulatory body. I think the minat has good attendance in terms of these connections.

They try to associate me to a political party (MRC) because I come from the same region as its leader (Maurice Kamto).

There is a TV channel which would act against the interests of the republic that the Minat solicits all the time for its demonstrations. What an inconsistency!

Citing on a report(by an NGO) does not mean sharing what is contained in that report.

I think we have to question the patriotism of some. Just because you’re a minister doesn’t mean you are more patriotic than everyone else.

Those who throw fuel on the fire are not necessarily those who are pointed at.

We will report on everything that is happening, I mean everything that is happening.

We will never fail.


Published on 28.04.2020

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