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Cameroon : Experts Brainstorm on Sustainable Health in Africa Amid Post Covid 19

Post Covid period in Africa

The Nkafu Africa Health Forum partnered with the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation in organizing a webinar where panelists spoke on realizing the potential on African Health Service during the post Covid 19 Period.

Over the past decades, the African health system has faced significant challenges in sustaining health care delivery which has, unfortunately, been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. A report from the World Health Organization shows that the consolidated average system performance index in the Africa region is 0.49, implying that systems are only performing at 49% of their possible levels of functionality.

Africa is considered as this continent which is yet to recover from the covid 19 effects. The experts from the panel explained that how Africa responds to this pandemic and lessons gotten are basic tools which can be used to build a better health care unit.

Sustainable global health entails a careful adoption of innovative strategies committed to improving the lives of people, safeguarding individuals, and improving the community’s well-being. It involves providing preventive care systems adapted to the evolving health challenges of today and the future. Therefore, achieving a sustainable healthy Africa is very crucial to the development of African economies

Dr George Alemji, a Chemicaln Pathologist highlights that  ” Africa  has the need for health systems to be strenghtened therefore preparing for other possible pandemics in future”. The dark continent as it is fondly called was fully dependent on the Europeans and American vaccines and other medications during and after the Covid Pandemic. This created a loophole in most centers as Africa has to wait for vaccines to be delivered. In most cases , health centers faced shortages and patients were limited to only one dose instead of three.

Then panel specified Africa does not lack the resources nor the know how. It is endowed with a lot of natural plants which can basically boost and ease researches. The Omicron Virus for instance was first detected by Africa, South Africa. Meanwhile, The supply chain system, diagnostic and vaccines are still very weak as Africa accounts only for 3% on the worlds pharmaceutical industry.


Dr. Pamela Oben from the CBC, laid emphasis on the negative aspects exposed in Africa due to the Pandemic. ” It was notices even hand sanitizers were not produced locally but rather imported. Also, most hospitals lacked human resources as the ratio pf doctor patients could be estimated at 1:100, hence easily spreading the virus.”

Solutions and Preparing for Next Pandemic

The core stakes in the health industry is basically prevention. African states should implant preventive measures to either avoid pandemics like the Ebola or better manage one when it hits the continent. Dr. Ronald Gobina, Director of the Health Policy and Research Program says ” the opportunity to diagnose pandemics in Africa relies on the S&Q, Standard and Quality”.

Researchers must up their games in intensifying finding , analysis and solutions of international standards. The government must also be ready to accompany these researchers and pave way for these product to be tested , approved and put on the market. This will reduce useless expenses from imports.

Finances accounts for a bigger slump in improving health care in central and west Africa. Money is most often buried in consumables, which is of less help.

It is still a myth that in 2022, Cameroon has not Reference in Infectious Disease Centers. It is still in the process to set standard and will to put in quality. The experts do stand for mutual efforts and promote health coverage in Africa so as to withstand upcoming pandemics.


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