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Cameroon: Failure to wear mask in public punishable by FCFA 500-2000 fine

The Minister of Decentralisation and local development has instructed Senior Divisional Officers to call upon Mayors in their area of command to take all measures necessary to sanction the non-wearing of masks including a fine ranging from FCFA 500-2000.

In order to ensure the respect of the mandatory wearing of protective masks in public places, Cameroon’s Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam has established fines to be levied on defaulters.

In a letter addressed to all the Senior Divisional Officers in the country, he instructs them to invite Mayors in their area of command to fine residents who will be caught without a face mask an amount ranging from FCFA 500-2000.

The amount will be voted during a Municipal meeting of the different Councils.

This order comes as it has been noticed that since the Government eased some COVID-19 restrictive measures, many have misconstrued it for an end to the pandemic and thus, returned to their new habits with few putting on face masks.

In the meantime, the cases and number of victims of Coronavirus in the country keep increasing, making it an obligation for everyone to put on a face mask when at a public place to limit the spread of the virus.





Published on 28.04.2020

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