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Cameroon: Faithful vanishes with FCFA 18.7M collected to build church

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A faithful of the Chapelle des leaders in Bangué village in Douala, Littoral region is actively wanted after he disappeared with church money amounting to FCFA 18.7 million collected in 15 months to build a new chapel.


The man identified as S.D Nkoona fondly referred to as ‘servant of God’ by the Christians of the said church is said to have vanished with the money Sunday July 4 when the Pastor sent him to keep it in his car.

According to reports, the fund to construct the new chapel was launched last year in the month of April.

The money collected at the end of each gathering was deposited at a micro finance in the area. Two weeks ago, the church decided to launch construction works.

On Sunday July 4, FCFA 17.7 million was presented to Christians of the church as what had so far been collected.

That same day, FCFA 1,000,000 was collected and added to the initial amount, making a total of 18.7 million.

The Pastor still discussing with some church members gave the bag of money to S.D Nkoona who was always ready to give a helping hand to put in his car parked opposite the church building.

After a long moment, they realized that Nkoona was nowhere to be found neither was the money.

The ‘servant of God’ is actively wanted as an investigation is on course at the Littoral Gendarmerie Legion.



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