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Cameroon: Fake pastor arrested for raping 30 young girls in Yaounde

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A fake pastor accused of raping thirty of his young Christian faithfuls is presently under custody at the National Gendarmerie in Yaounde, reports have confirmed.

Arrested last Saturday in Messa, a neighbourhood in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde after disappearing with an eight-year old girl in Obala, the suspect aged thirty-nine was presented to the press yesterday February 27.

Sources say after been questioned by the investigation bureau of the National Gendarmerie in Yaounde, he confessed of having raped more than five girls of ages ranging from eight to fourteen.

As far as the method he used in getting his victims is concerned, Lt Cedric Nganso of the Investigation bureau said the fake pastor went to many families, presented himself as a deacon from the traditional Anglican Catholic Church in Canada and proposed them his services which had to do with praying and delivering small girls.

Alleged to be in his thirtieth rape case at the time of his arrest, reports say he had taken another little girl on whom he was still to commit the act.

He was equally arrested in procession of a packet of candles, prayer manuals and other books meant for spiritual delivery.

Published on 28.04.2020

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