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Cameroon: Family members urge kidnappers to release Ni John Fru Ndi

John Fru Ndi (file photo) ©All rights reserved

The family of the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, Ni John Fru Ndi, has urged urged his kidnappers to immediately free him.

The SDF chieftain was abducted on Friday afternoon by unidetified gunmen and taken taken to an unknown destination.

Calls have since multiplied for his abductors to release him and his family has come out clear to say abducting him is not a solution to the current situation in the country.

In a letter signed by Abu Lum Tina Fru Ndi on behalf of the family, the kidnappers were urged to free John Fru Ndi at the earliest opportunity.

Below is a full letter from the family:

Press Release on the kidnapping of our father Ni John Fru Ndi

29th June 2019

“It has been 24 hours since our father, Ni John Fru Ndi was abducted by armed gunmen from our Ntarinkon residence and a security guard shot in the leg. The reasons for his abduction and his location are presently unknown. Having just returned from the hospital that Friday afternoon, we are worried for his health and physical wellbeing.

We recognise how the Anglophone crisis has escalated over the last few years, and the general political turmoil the country is going through. Our father has made his contribution selflessly to the wellbeing of his kith and kin, adopting non violent options and fighting for social justice for all. The treatment he is being subjected to is not merited under no circumstance. The solution to the problems today will never be achieved by abducting him, and so we call on whosoever is keeping him to return him home. We have always been open to dialogue, so please make contact with us and safely return him home.

We would like to also use this opportunity to thank all our families, friends, sympathisers, the SDF party, other political parties and activists who have reached out to show their support and condemn the action at this difficult time for the family.

We hope our message, deep from the hearts of the children and grandchildren will reach the abductors so our father will be released at the earliest opportunity.

Many thanks for your cooperation in advance and may God bless our collective efforts.

Abu Lum Tina Fru Ndi
On behalf of the family

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