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Cameroon: Family of three die of food poisoning in Yaounde

Nsam neighbourhood (c) copyright

A young mother and her two daughters are reported to have died of food poisoning in Yaounde, on February 10.

The mother identified as Ernestine Mbarga aged 22 and the daughters, Marie-Laure aged six and Esther aged 3 died Wednesday February 10 at the Nsam Escal neighbourhood in Yaounde after allegedly consuming rice and pork meat.

Information gotten from the Yaounde II Company Gendarmerie says the incident occurred at about 9pm.

The mother served the food she prepared the previous day to her two girls. After eating, the three-year-old daughter began convulsing.

She was rushed to the Efoulan District Hospital where she gave up the ghost.

Back at home, the mother is said to have manifested the same symptoms and was rushed to the hospital. She too ended up in giving up the ghost.

The same situation was true with her six year old daughter few hours after the mother’s death.

The bodies are lying at the mortuary of the Yaounde Central Hospital and an enquiry opened by the Yaounde II Company Gendarmerie to determine the exact cause of this incident.

Published on 10.02.2021

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