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Cameroon – Far North : 26 Gov’t Schools Flooded as ONACC Forecast more Rains

Govt schools Flooded

The Departmental Delegate of Basic Education for Mayo- Danay reports that 26 primary schools are under water in the Gobo, Vélé, Kaï-Kaï and Maga, sub division.

Other schools are occupied by flood victims, we learn. “This is the case of the Cetic of Vélé, where practically all the rooms are occupied by the population. The most affected establishments are the Doureissou high school, the Doureissou Cetic and the Doukroï CES in the Kaï-Kaï district. In the district of Vélé, the high school of Vélé, the Cetic of Vélé and in Maga, the high school of Pouss,” said the departmental delegate of Secondary Education for Mayo-Danay, Paul Dayang, quoted by L’oeil du Sahel newspaper.

The situation is not going to improve immediately, as the weather is expected to be even more rainy in the coming days, according to the National Observatory on Climate Change (Onacc). “The period from 11 to 20 September 2022 will be marked by an increase in the amount of rainfall over the entire national territory, with the exception of the Adamaoua region where it will remain abundant,” Onacc warns in its forecast bulletin.

During this period, Onacc foresees a “high risk” of flooding following the overflow of the Mayo in the Far North (and even in the North). Especially in the localities of Bogo and Maroua in the Diamaré division, Maga, Kaï-Kaï and Yagoua in Mayo-Danay, Zina, Sara-Sara and Kousseri in Logone-et-Chari. Specialists link this increase to climate change, caused in particular by human activities such as abusive wood cutting and bush fires.

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