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Cameroon/Feb 2020 elections: 8 political parties file 39 petitions

The parliament met in Congress to swwear in members of the Constitutional Council

Eight political parties have filed in thirty nine petitions at the Constitutional Council following the publication of lists ahead of the February 9 Legislative and Municipal elections.

After yesterday’s deadline for the filing of petitions, the ;Constitutional Council now has to examine the files within the required period.

The UPC party which was hardly hit has filed in petitions from the Constitutional Council for the reinstatement of all their lists in localities where they were rejectted.

The FSNC of Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary has filed in a petition for the Constitutional Council to reject the list by the PCRN of Cabral Libii for an inappropriate certificate of non conviction.

The SDF on its part is praying the Constitutional Council to reject the CPDM’s list in the Wouri Centre claiming on grounds of double nationality of one of the members on the list.

A petition was equally filed by two different persons of the CPDM namely, Aimé Mbeh Babot, candidate for the legislative election in the Haut Nyong Constituency. He pleads with the Constitutional Council to reject the candidacy of Ntiba Eric claiming his birth certificate is not authentic.

Published on 05.05.2023

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