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Cameroon: February 9 polls, a game of slogans

Since Saturday, the various candidates vying for the Legislative and Municipal elections have been criss crossing towns and villages to sell their vision and projects to the electorates.

Through vans, buses, flyers and billboards the candiates are using all avenues available to pass across their messages to the public.

In as much as the means of passing across their messages is of importance, the crafting of the message itself is paramount to the success of their campaigns.

Thus candidates have been crafting some captivating messages which they think are suitable for their public.

« The Force of Innovation » is the campaign slogan used by Nestus Fru Manju, CPDM parliamentary candidate for Mezam Centre to describe his manifesto centred around social cohesion and development.

« Na we we » is another catchy slogan used by Malomba Esembe, CPDM candidate for the Buea Urban constituency who says he is out for a leadership that is ready to give a listening ear to the people. He believes the constituency can only change through a collective effort, reason why « Na We We » drives home the idea better.

On her part, Nourane Hassana Moluh of the CPNR presents herself to the electorate of the Wouri East Constituency as the « audacious choice » to describe the courage which her youthfulness embodies. In her ‘audacious approach, she presents herself as the candidate who has come to give home back to the youth of the Wouri East Constituency.

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