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Cameroon : Fecafoot and Ministery of Secondary Education to Work Hand in Hand


A working session with the main objective of exploring the axes of a collaboration with national, even pan-African ambitions between these two entities brought together on Tuesday, Samuel Eto’o Fils – President of the Cameroon Football Federation and Nalova Lyonga – Minister of Secondary Education.

The Ministry of secondary education was one among other stops of the day the fecafoot boss effectuated.

In his first speech, the national goleador expressed his willingness to carry out this partnership: “It is my duty to be close to you because you supervise our children who play football”.

This is one of the commitments he made when he was campaigning to occupy the place he has today, to restore the nobility of Cameroonian football through young people who can accompany it. They are visible during the competitions in which the U15 and U17 are engaged, but also in the pan-African championships…

Considering Samuel Eto’o Fils as a “model for a responsible and ambitious youth”, the Minister of Secondary Education considered that it is a boon for this department: “The policy of “Clean School” in force at MINESEC, with the values of physical and moral cleanliness of the educational environment, effectively fits with the choices of rigor, abnegation to work, discipline, love of country etc.. which characterize you.

We have to direct the excess energy of our children and we feel proud to have someone with whom we can discuss these qualities.

After constructive exchanges, the parties MINESEC and FECAFOOT decided, on the basis of new elements and other points of convergence, to revisit the convention that binds the two state institutions since 2014, in the sense of its readaptation.

I will agree when you want,” said the President of Fecafoot, adding that his teams are ready to begin the work of revising the convention in the schedule that suits MINESEC.

After convivial exchanges marked by the seal of hope for the youth hoping to make a career in football, Professor Nalova Lyonga seized the opportunity offered to him to make Samuel Eto’o Fils, the Ambassador of the fight against violence in schools. His career alone, she said, “is a strong argument for educating, guiding and bringing many students to their senses”.

Published on 03.01.2023

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