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Cameroon – Fecafoot : Resolutions Taken during Ordinary General Assembly

Ordinary General Assembly

A meeting of the Executive Committee of Fecafoot was held on Friday, August 26, 2022, in Douala. Several important resolutions were taken.


The 91 delegates of the General Assembly of Fecafoot met on  Saturday, August 27, 2022 at the conference room of Best Western Hotel in Douala. The members of this body constitute the supreme power and legislative authority of Fecafoot. Theytherefore  decided on the resolutions taken the day before by 17 of the 18 members of the Executive Committee.

The meeting held under the chairmanship of Samuel Eto’o Fils who allowed the members of the Executive Committee to take a number of resolutions very important for the future of soccer in Cameroon. In total, 17 resolutions were taken at the end of the meeting. We note the suspension and not the removal of François Kouedem, president of the regional soccer league of the West region, in dispute with the president of Fecafoot.

Guibai Gatama, another critic of Samuel Eto’o’s maangement, is dismissed as a member of the Executive Committee. We also learn in the same communiqué, that the General Assembly has adopted the upward revision of the term of office of the president  from 4 years to 7 years.

In addition, the president of Fecafoot has received a mandate from his peers on the Executive Committee to take action to recover certain assets and funds of the body. One of the 16 resolutions sounds like the hunt for debtors, embezzlers and other individuals who would have fraudulently appropriated property of Fecafoot.

“The Executive Committee mandates the president of Fecafoot to invite those who have obtained funds from Fecafoot to produce the accounts of employment as soon as possible”. Samuel Eto’o is also mandated to “engage against the debtors, adequate procedures for the recovery of sums due”.

The former captain of the Indomitable Lions, was elected president of Fecafoot in December 2021, is also authorized to investigate and possibly denounce those who have appropriated for personal use, the customs and tax exemptions obtained by Fecafoot from the Ministry of Finance.

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