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Cameroon: Former ‘Ambazonia General’ crusades for peace in Kumba

Former ‘Ambazonia’ separatst fighter, Leonard Nambere, aka ‘General Nambere’ has vowed to bring peace  back to Kumba as well as end ghost towns in the locality.

‘General Nambere’ was on a peace crusade in Kumba on Sunday, November 1 as he urged the population to shun fear, and go about their activities. He equally called on them to denounce any suspected separatist fighter who could be residing in their various neighbourhoods.

“I am not powerful but I have just one fear..the fear of God. When I was fighting (in the bushes), I never raped, I never kidnapped for ransom. Listen to me carefully, anybody who says (the Cameroon flag) will not be raised to the skies, or children will not go to school in Kumba or say businesses will not open on Mondays will not succeed,” Nambere said.

He urged the population to help the government end ghost towns by coming out on Mondays to go about their activities.

General Nambere who joined the armed separatist movement in 2017 later decamped and went to Nigeria weher he spent time before he was brought back to Cameroon at the start of the year alongside some Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria.

Published on 28.04.2020

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