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Cameroon : Former Bar President Urges Lawyers to Massively Join Parliament


The Ethics and Deontology Week organised by the Cameroon Bar Association started this week with an inaugural lecture by Mr. Akere Muna.

The former President of the Cameroon Bar Association took the opportunity to share with his colleagues a project that he now wants to promote: encouraging lawyers to run for office during the upcoming elections.

Lawyers must seriously consider entering into elective offices en masse. At municipal, regional or even national level. I have always looked at the American system. Of the 46 American presidents, only 18 were not lawyers,” said Akere Muna.

This proposal is the best way for the Bar to contribute to ensuring the rule of law in Cameroon, if we believe the former President of the Bar. He is convinced that “we live today in a country where the absence of honesty, fairness, justice and integrity is at the heart of the moral crisis we are going through. The very survival of our country depends on how prepared we are as a nation to address this problem.

He continued: “It is almost as if the citizens of our country have become desensitized to stories of embezzlement, corruption, blatant conflicts of interest, favoritism, tribalism and nepotism. It is almost as if all this has become the new normal”.

For Akere Muna, Cameroonian lawyers cannot participate in this “conspiracy of silence“. This is why it is urgent that lawyers get involved in politics, among other solutions. The idea is for them to enter en masse the Parliament, municipal and regional councils for a better rule of law. Without forgetting the palace of Etoudi.

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