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Cameroon: Former Finance Minister handed life sentence for embezzlement

The former Minister of Finance Lazare Essimi Menye has been sentenced for life by the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde for embezzling state funds.

Holding on March 28, the court found the Lazare Essimi Menye guilty of embezzling state funds to the tune of  2.7 billion francs CFA.

He is accused to have wired the money to deceased accountant Francois Tchakoui for auditing swiss firm Société Générale de Surveillance, SGS in its execution. A financial scandal worth up to 46 billion francs was discovered but was covered up by state barons with Essimi Menye at the helmn.

Lazare Essimi Menye who left Cameroon in 2015 after he was sacked from government has been ordered alongside the successor of Francois Tchakoui to pay the sum of 2.5 FCFA to the state and 20 million Francs as court charges.

The court considered that the fact Lazare Essimi Menye fled from the country proves he is guilty :of the charges brought before him.

The former Finance Minister and the deceased Francois Tchakoui are equally accused in another matter worth over billion Francs CFA.



Published on 28.04.2020

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